We fight. We fight a lot. But lately we don’t. We not only not fight, we don’t even make the effort to talk. And I feel like I’m more of a nuisance than anything else. If it’s going to end here, so be it.

Friends are not supposed to be a burden. And if it is, it might as well end.



Angry, tired and most importantly hungry in the train, I whispered softly to the woman who’s been knocking my leg with her bag of stones – “Oh, please don’t you rock my boat. ‘Cause I don’t want my boat to be rockin’.” Motherfuckin’ don’t.

I hate you, Anger. You have control over my mind and face.




I need someone to talk to.

Less I’ll explode.

January 2013, you haven’t been nice. 


I have a particular interesting acquaintance who I would say – well, more interesting than anyone I know. This person, as many who knew would describe him as someone bizarre rather than crazy; outspoken rather than loud but still annoying as hell if he had taken more redbull than his body could take in a day. I wouldn’t say I know him very well but ever since he know a little secret I have carefully kept under wraps (maybe not so much recently), I can feel that he wants to know so much – about the psyche of me being a -. And surprisingly, he gets it right most of the time.

And so he asked me again the same question earlier today. And to be honest I still don’t have the answer after all these time. Which makes the topic even more ambiguous than it has ever been.

And I’m starting to worry.

I got very sad at the end of today. Even though I had the rare chance of watching a movie on a weeknight. I still can’t grasp the idea of being truly alone – something I shouldn’t be worried about at this age. But I am.

Let’s fall in love with strangers. That’s the best I can do. Don’t judge.

On a slightly happier note, Amy Adams caught my eye in this film. Which I would gladly admit, was not a normal thing to happen seeing that the film had Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake. She possessed the beauty which allowed that to happen. So wait up, while I treat myself to youtube interviews of her for a month or so.

The Coolest


He looks exactly like his father. Only difference is – swag at such a young age.

Misai stop it though.


Paul Dano, you’ll be legendary.

I wanted to write something about the frustration that you have about how you feel like you know exactly how to solve somebody’s problems and heal their heart and it’s not something anyone can do for anyone else but when you love somebody you feel like you can. So it’s sort of a song like expressing if you would just let go and let me love you the way that I want to, everything would be solved and – you would feel better, I’d feel better – but the tragedy is it hardly ever works out that way.
– Rachael Yamagata

when everything is as groovy as you’ve imagined it to be, there will always be one thing you secretly pine for and you keep it at a corner farrrr back of your mind. something incredibly bizarro and ridiculous and honestly you don’t like how much you’re fretting over it.

I get too imaginative over things like this it’s URGH frustrating.